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the Florida Scene
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I created this community for anyone and everyone who lives anywhere in florida and is involved in any way in their scene.

in this community you can post show info, band info, ask questions related to "the florida scene", make new friends, etc.

there are a few rules to ensure a good time for everyone here:
1. DO NOT post your ebay auctions here. i've let it slide too long. don't do it anymore. simple enough. there are tons more communities for that.

2. (this goes with #1) ONLY posts that are relevant to florida are allowed. (for example, this means no advertising your community, unless its directly florida-related)

3. DON'T TALK SHIT! if you see something here that you don't like or have a problem with, don't leave a rude comment. email me if its an actual problem, or else, keep it to yourself. all comments and posts that are talking shit will be deleted and you could get banned.

those are the only rules. REPEAT (ie: more than once) OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED!!!!!!

ANY questions or comments can be directed to me at bottlesoibruises@aol.com

(also, i'd be glad to add your band's name to the interest lists. all you gotta do is ask.)

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